Charitable Aims & Objectives

Harmony's Vision is that;

“The Burrough Harmony Wellbeing Centre is widely recognised as the mental health hub for the whole community of Bridport and surrounding areas.”


Harmony aims to:

  • Relieve people suffering from, or recovering from, mental health challenges by providing support, information and activities, helping them further their recovery and integrate into the community. 

  • Promote pathways and activities that support a positive mental health lifestyle. 

The area of benefit is, geographically, the town of Bridport, Dorset and the surrounding area – a catchment of about 42,000 adults. 


The Objectives of Harmony are to:

  • Listen to the mental health needs of the community and respond accordingly,

  • Be an organisation that is easily accessible via all means of communication technology,

  • Support our Members to manage their own recovery - pursuing their own goals and aspirations, while supporting each other,

  • Exert a positive influence on the provision of services by other agencies, which impact on the lives of local people living with mental health challenges.